My hair loves absolutely everything: proteins, oils, polyquats, glycerin, and all the other things that usually cause folks problems, but it hates KCKT. I'm still just totally baffled. The only possible thing that I can think is that it hates behentrimonium methosulfate, but even that would be odd since it does fine with behentrimonium chloride. It's all very bizarre, but I guess I should count myself lucky if this is the only product I really can't use.
Medium/coarse, low porosity, dense, mix of 3s
CG (again) since Nov. 2012

Cleanse: SM Moisture Retention, Elucence MBC, KC Come Clean
Condish: Giovanni DL, Cure Care, Ion Treatment, GVP Balm, AOHR
Stylers: KCCC, SM Souffle, AOMM, SS CEJ, JCRR, JCCC

Trying out steaming!