My hair has always been a little on the thin side because my strands are fine. doesnt help that I color it.
1)BIOTIN 5000 mg tabs/ MSM (3 tbspns daily in juice)
So I am going to get a bottle of 5000 mg biotin tabs from walmart and a kilo of msm powder to partake of daily.
Since I'm on a hair growth mission now... Im coloring my hair a LOT LESS
2) CAYANNE PEPPER & CASTOR OIL as pre shampoo hot oil treatment
I am sitting here now with castor oil with cayanne pepper and garlic powder (for sulfur content) in it on my hair under a conditioning cap. I will leave it in for another hour or so then shampoo and condition as normal.....
THEN air dry/ wrap... no heat.
3) MONISTAT 7 daily root stimulator
Later I will also pick up some monistat 7 from the drug store and squirt a tube in a bottle of a daily use leave in treatment... maybe coconut oil or maybe mane and tail conditioner with water in it for the base.... Maybe both! I think Infusium 23 would be the ideal daily spray in treatment for many people .... add a tube of monistat 7 to whatever you feel comfy putting on your hair everyday and use it in a spray bottle to get it all over your scalp everyday then massage.
This is my new regimine. I am doing all this for super hair growth really but I am sure it will thicken up a bit in the process... will update.

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