So many great ideas. I admit, I never would have thought of white pants or a white skirt...but I love that. I used to have greige jeans years ago and now i want another pair!

I also love navy w/ light gray (good pic above from scrils!) and someone suggested mocha (a cool example of that from the top collage I posted). I also have a few orange/tangerine/terra cotta sweaters I think look good w/ navy...but am getting tripped up on what bottoms I could wear.

I like Amneris' idea of mixing it up w/ a sheath dress.

And Po's idea of purpe ( i don't have any maxi skirts...but am thinking of making myself some maxi pants LOL)

I wish I had something floral like WhoMe said, but I don't.

I have a navy & white horizontal striped top exactly like what scrills posted. Love that!

And I love how Nicole Richie styled hers w/ a black dress and strappy heels.

I have regular denim jean jackets and I always know what to wear w/ them. And this Joe's jacket doesn't look much different...I guess the fact it's blue velveteen instead of blue denim is throwing me.

Yay for shabby chic dressing!