Exactly! Yet he CLAIMS he eats well. Um, yeah, meaning he only eats the same, boring things. There are only so many ways I can cook chicken breasts! I'm going to look for the RR sloppy joe recipe, and tell him that's the only one I'm willing to eat next time. We'll see how that goes over. He likes that horrid 'manwich' crap.
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Oh, dear lord, I refuse to even buy that. *shudder* I think you're right, they are twins separated at birth! The only thing I did differently to RR's recipe was that I only had one 8 oz can of tomato sauce (the recipe calls for 2 cups) and no tomato paste, so I used the tomato sauce I had and added some ketchup but not a whole cup. It was probably between a quarter and a half cup. Then I added just a bit more red wine vinegar and worcestershire to make up for the additional sweetness of the ketchup. I think I'd make them the same way next time. Two whole cups of tomato sauce seems like it would make them way too runny.
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I lied...but not on purpose. I just remembered that I used less brown sugar also (maybe half what the recipe called for), and that was plenty for us.