ooohh, I have been wanting to try the Yucca line, my hair is so thin and fine. I wasn't sure if it would affect my wave/curls since it really isn't labeled for curly hair. Did you notice any difference in your hair - both the curl and the thickness?
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Well I only have the shampoo and I don't use it regularly enough to notice I'm afraid. But I do love the smell, the lather, the fact that it doesn't strip my hair, and the ingredients. Also my hair is coarse (or thick stranded) and higher on the density scale so it is thick already. Nevertheless, I did see it literally volumize and thicken my friend's fine hair. It was pretty amazing. Her hair is cut into an angled bob and she applied the product on dry flat-ironed hair and it's as if the shape filled out. Her hair was hanging at the sides of her face and a moment later it had so much depth. I was very impressed. So I'm not sure about curl enhancing power. (For that I love the smoothie but it may be too rich for fine-haired curlies.) Nevertheless, the growth milk does add body to the hair. It also made her hair (which had felt producty and dry) very, very soft when I touched it. Like instantly. And we all know a well moisturized curl or wave will reveal itself better than a dry one.
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