I have a short break so i can get into this a little more.

the male only dna testing you spoke of test the y chromosome. this is only for males because only males have a Y chromosome.

the DNA testing you posted about uses autosomal DNA testing. its the chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes ( x and y). it test alot more and is a little of what the lab i work at do, we just dont look at the stuff you would want to know.

i know nothing about the testing offered by ancetry.com. i can tell you that this type of testing to get accurant information should be done by professionals. i have a degree and have been doing my job for almost 3 years but if you gave my an analysis of someones autosomal dna, i will still need help interpreting it form my boss who is a doctor. so as long as the lab has competant staff the info you get should be accurant.

if i could afford the 200 i would do it to test it for you and compare it to the results i got from my lab. but sorry no can do right now.

i dont know of any labs that does this, but i am sure there are such as universities who does this outside of ancestery.com, but it will probabbly be more expensive but more reliable.

having said that, if you have the cash, and you really want to know, i say go for it. im sure you could contact someone to get info on the lab they use and what accrediation they have ( all labs in the world has some, they have to, and if the lab they use dont have any, run!).

i did find this review on it:

The Genetic Genealogist | A Review of AncestryDNA – Ancestry.com’s New Autosomal DNA Test

Take it for what you will.

i hope i answered you questions. let me know if you want more info. i will try my best to anwer.