Thelio, you are right. Its just hard to see actual written text of a person I've remembered in my mind.

It is SO HARD to even remember the email. My eyes well up and I make the ugly crying face as I try to keep the tears in my eyes...
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I understand.

i have had friends (which i know is totally different from a SO who you are/ were in love with) that every year we would give each other christmas and b-day cards and write about how much we love each other and will always be there for one another. it hurt so much when you reallized that crap was all bs. i like to think that they didnt just change and turn their backs on me on purpose. i like to think that at the time they meant it. but who knows. once i realized the friendships were dead and nothing could bring them back, i threw it all away.

you need to delete the emails and everything else that can make you remember what once was. the pass is gone, sadly. and there is nothing you can do to bring it back. all you can do is stay strong, and move on!

good lucks and {{{HUGS}}}