Thanks for all the info, ladies! I would also be interested in finding a conditioner with Coco Betaine and/or Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Anyone have any suggestions?
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The one I use that has Coco Betaine in is the Urtekram conditioner, I used the rose and the aloe vera variations, they both have it in. I don't know if you can get it in the USA, I think it is a Danish brand but it is available online in the Uk from lots of websites so it may be international.
UK based wavy

Mostly waves, but curls and straight bits too!
Fine to medium, high porosity, medium density, very low elasticity
Highlights damage (growing it out), seems to like protein and need lots of moisture.

Cleanse - CJDF, trying out low poos ; Co wash- Uk chemist brands, Urtekram Rose or Aloe, Hairveda Amala Cream Rinse; RO - varies, Tigi Moisture Maniac, Desert Essence Coconut ; Leave in - Keracare natural textures; Sealant - argan oil
Trying out new things, still looking.