Thank you for all your compliments! Really.

I am thinking of chopping it all off to about the second picture. Any thoughts? I would love to share what I do but at the moment I have a lot of other things calling me. I will be back and do so!
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WOW, JUST WOW!!! While I think the current length is absolutely gorgeous, I personally prefer the length in the second picture. My reasons are: easier to detangle (less time spent in the shower), requires less product, dries faster and more volume due to less weight.

Can't wait to hear what your routine is!
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Agreed!^^ your hair is gorgeous and I like the length in the second pic the most also for the same reason.
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Plus, I meant to also say (as well as the other reasons mentioned), your hair in the second pic is every bit as pretty as your current length. So I'd say go with whichever length you're most comfortable with.
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