Hi everyone, I made a post under "General discussion about curly hair" and it was called "Tired of Hair..Should I Relax? I mentioned that I have very thick/curly hair and I like the straight look so I want to permanently relax it. In the images below, my hair was wet and I put gel only and let it air dry (it is about 2b/c). I don't know much about relaxers so I wanted people's opinions on whether I am a good candidate for relaxing. Everyone advised me to stay away from a relaxer and some suggested a keratin treatment.

I decided not to relax my hair and look into a kerain treatment instead. Sadly, I can't afford a keratin treatment done at a salon so I thought about doing it at home. I was looking into the keratin service forums on this site and a lot of people mentioned they had success with the QOD keratin formula.

If I want relatively straight hair with no frizz after air drying my hair, what type of QOD should I use? (I realized that there are several types like the QOD organiq, QOD gold so it's confusing). Just to add, I want to highlight my hair a light brown/caramel colour.

Also, what is the best place to buy the QOD?
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