Thanks! I am under a budget crunch because I am waiting to be laid off so I wanted to know if they are worth it. You convinced me! I tried on several styles at the mall yesterday on my lunch break. I like the mary jane styles best but it's so cold here I just couldn't buy any.

After seeing your responses, I googled Alegria and found these boots on 6pm: Alegria Ava - At the mall, they were $169.00 so I didn't even try them on.

Before I broke my foot I wore biker boots with suit pants, unorthodox - yes, but it works for me. Plus I can wear these with my skinny jeans too! Now I just have to wait for them to get here!!!

And then when it warms up in a month or so, I will get the mary janes if I like the Alegria boots as much as I think I will.

PS - I think it's funny I bought boots from 6pm at 5am when I couldn't sleep!