Recently I went no-poo. I wash my hair once a week and my routine is as follows:

I make sure that my hair is wet thoroughly with warm (though not hot) water. Then I apply a small amount of conditioner (CJ Beauticurls Argan and Olive Oil) on my hair and divide it with a wide-tooth comb. Then I put it in a bun for a couple of minutes and then rinse it as thoroughly as I can.

After that, I carefully scrunch out the excessive water and apply Curl Queen, followed by eight scrunches on each side of my hair.

However, I find that the conditioner seems to be sticking to my scalp, leaving it with a greasy feel. I have tried so many different ways to rinse my hair and even after a thorough 40 minute rinse, I still have conditioner left on my scalp. It frustrates me because I don't know how to solve this.

I was hoping someone could give me some advice and tips for my washing routine.
F - LP - HD - NE
Fine, low porosity, high density, normal elasticity
Hairtype 2c

Low poo: Petal Fresh Organics Rosemary & Mint Volumizing Shampoo
Protein: Colorful Neutral Protein Filler
Detangler/RO: KCKT (winter) or Curl Junkie Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil (summer)
Styling: KCCC

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