last night i had the strangest couple of dreams...

in the first one, i was going into a restaurant with two people. one of them i didn't know, the other was Ron Perlman in character as Vincent in Beauty & the Beast.

Vincent was telling that he had been tossed out this restaurant the week before because of his appearance and i told him it would be fine when he was with me. the maitre d just stares at us when we come in, but i give him my name and say party of 3 and he says "right this way, madame, your table is ready" and seats us.

all around us, people start moving to other tables and the 3 of us act like nothing is going on. this mysterious 3rd person (i don't even know if it was a woman or man - how strange is that?) never says a word the whole time.

a waiter comes to take our drink order and i ask for the wine list. he goes off to get it and comes back a moment later with a one page card the starts filling our water glasses.

i put the card on the table and tell him that i *know* for a fact that this restaurant is well-known for it's extensive wine list and i insist on seeing it. the waiter scurries off and a minute later the sommelier comes to the table and asks if he can help.

i tell him that i know they have a bigger wine cellar than what is available on that list and i want to go and choose a bottle for our dinner. he nods and tells me to follow him and Vincent says "don't go, i don't have a good feeling about this", but i tell him it will be alright and follow the sommelier down to the cellar.

downstairs there are dozens of rooms filled with racks and cases of wine and i start walking from room to room trying to find something i like. then the character of the rooms changes to something like a store with stuff other than wine until it is a store and there are other people there staring at me in my evening dress.

i see a cash register and the door is just beyond it, so i walk outside and then wake up!

in the next dream, my mother comes to my place and tells me that she has tickets to go to Ireland, but we have to leave that day. i tell her that i'm already on a vacation day and i don't think i can get any more time off, but she says i have to go with her.

i hang up the phone and go to my bedroom to start packing a little canvas bag i currently have for weekend travel. in one hand, i've got my phone and i'm calling my boss to ask for more time off, the other hand is pawing through a basket of clean clothes.

but i'm in the very turquoise bedroom of my old bachelor pad in Toronto - a place i haven't lived in since 1996! while talking on the phone with my current boss about getting more time off. he reluctantly agrees to give me the time. my mom is yelling at me that the taxi is waiting and to hurry up.

i stuff makeup and phone cords in my bag and run out the door, telling my sister to lock up. my sister didn't live there with me either.

i go outside and it's a street i don't know and my mom and the taxi are nowhere to be seen. across the street from me a wedding party is having photos taken in a park in front of a large, gothic-style church. i run to the building next door and it's a high school. i pull my cell phone from my pocket and try to call a taxi, but when i run outside, across the street is an abandoned warehouse and the street is a dead-end.

i run to the other side of the school and wave down a taxi on another street and tell the driver i need the international departure terminal at the airport. he turns down another street and we drive up a frighteningly steep hill that appears to be indoors. we come out in a subway station and he drives out the door and starts heading for the airport. none of the roads are familiar to me as we are driving.

we go across an over-pass and i look down to see a train going by...

and then i woke up!!!

i lay there for a long time trying to decipher those dreams!

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