Your hair looks great Leanne. Thanks for posting pics. I finally got Jenn on the phone but with her location and the fact that she doesn't work Saturdays, it's probably not the right fit for me.
I found someone via the Deva Curl Facebook page who is in Alpine....more convenient for me. I'm going to get a trim with her and see how it goes.
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Thanks, sdkitty! Hope that the new person works out for you! Keep us posted!
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When I first contacted Jenn Sparano over a year ago, I wasn't able to get an appointment. But recently I tried again and I'm so glad I did. She is in a small salon in Loma Portal (Lynnel's).
I went for a haircut with Jenn two weeks ago. She was wonderful. She spent a lot of time making sure she understood what I wanted and communicating what she would do. I wanted to retain most of my length but to have better layering and more fullness. Jenn said taking about two inches off the bottom would be optimum but she could do less. I told her to go ahead and do what she thought best.
She went through the Deva process of cutting dry, washing, blotting with paper towels, etc. All the time she was explaining what to do at home (if I want to) and making suggestions for alternatives (e.g., using "sham-wow" instead of paper towels for blotting).
I'm so glad I went to Jenn. This may be the best cut I've had. I got the fullness back, great curl forumation and it doesn't even look any shorter.
Jenn does the full Deva styling for the first appointment and then after that, if you want to save $, she will just cut dry and skip the washing part.
Thanks to the NC members who recommended Jenn.