Ciao everyone,

I'm sure someone has already talked about this, but I cannot find the topic so I opened a new one.

I have 3B hair and for some reason it doesn't really curl on the root. In the past it used to do it, but now it doesn't. I have a long straight section before the curl starts, and when it does it's a hot spiral!
I have no idea how to enhance it. I bought products that say they boost your curls but no difference has been achieved.
I just had my hair cut and I have layers so it should curl. My hair looks very healthy, no split ends, no shampoo for the past 4 years.
I flip my hair upside down when drying, tried to build up the curl when still wet...nothing.
Please, please, please help me! I loooooove my curls and I just want it all curly all the way.