I have 2b/2c hair. Very porous and medium and coarse density. It's a frustrating combo. I was CG for a year before figuring out my hair liked protein and oil. I still work on my hair but figuring out what it likes and doesn't like has been hard. I do a protein treatment very other week. I would do it more but don't have the time. Jojoba oil has been amazing on my hair. it never occurred to me to put oil on wet hair (I figured oil and water didn't mix) but it has made my hair so shiny and soft. I'm naturally porous. Dye my hair 1-2 x per year.
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It is frustrating, isn't it? I just wish the hair analysis came with a spreadsheet of sorts. You hair likes these proteins and not those. This ingredient is okay if it's further down the list, etc. Still it is good to have a general guideline so now I know to be wary everytime I test out a protein. I think most curly hair or hair in general likes oil. (Maybe straight haired girls already produce enough sebum but you know what I mean.) It's just that some curlies can't wear it in their hair when they style because it weighs it down. I also love jojoba oil for sealing. And I'm trying out grapeseed oil. Last night I did a deep treatment that was one part grapeseed to one part coconut oil to one part EVOO to one part honey. Like you I put it in wet clean hair. Then I left it in all night and rinsed this morning. Super silky extra shiny hair. Shame I'm going to go the gym now and frizz this baby up. But when I get home wash again and then style it.

(When you say "coarse" density, do you mean "high density" or are you saying coarse texture?)
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