texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal, elasticity-normal

I haven't been on this site since Sept 2012. I logged on today and realized that I first went on my CG journey in 07/2011. WOW, time flies.

After first trying the Deva products, I found that my hair did not like protein. While everyone had rave reviews for Deva, it left my hair feeling like a brillo pad.

I conditioned like crazy, switched to products with NO protein, and my hair improved (as much as it can in HOT/HUMID Houston). A couple of months ago I Chopped 6 inches off ( it was mid-back) and instead of improving my hair, my hair got worse. Although it felt soft, it was always frizzy (looked frizzy even when wet) and now my 3a/3b curls were looking more like 2c/3a. It finally dawned on me today what the problem could be... LACK of Protein. I did a protein treatment today and although I cannot say that my hair is super curly, I did get some of my bounce back and I am noticing much less frizz. Hmmm... go figure.

Throughout this time though, the products that I use have not changed. I still love all the products in my signature (GVP Conditioning Balm as well). I guess I will just have to do a protein treatment maybe once or twice a month.

KCCC is a bit heavy for my weak curl pattern, but it is the only gel that does not leave my hair feeling sticky or coated so i keep using it. I still haven't tried Curl Keeper although I have been dying to forever. Maybe I will splurge this summer.

Texture: Medium-Fine
Porosity: Normal
Elasticity: Normal

Poo: Kinky-Curly Come Clean
Co-Wash:Suave Naturals Waterfall
RO: GVP Conditioning Balm, TreSemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth
Stylers: KCCC, Frizz -Free Volumizing Foam

CG since July 2011