Hey ladies!

So I need help finding a good cowash. I have been CG for two months. I have 2c/3a hair, medium length, low porosity and med/thick (I think).

Currently, I am using DevaCurl No poo and one condition. My hair immediately feels moisturized and cleansed with this duo. But they cost so much! I wanted to find a cheaper cowash to use between washes. I bought tresemme naturals co dish but my hair doesn't seem to react as well as it does to the DC. It gets tangled with Tresemme and I have to leave it in for 5 min before I can finger comb out the tangles. Even then it still feels "dirty". Also with DC I can go 3/4 days without washing again. But the following day after Tresemme my scalp is itchy and greasy.

Does anyone know if there is a better product to work with my hair properties? And that won't cost me half a paycheck.

I was thinking of trying the Shea moisture line but my target has been running out quickly. Also, I am waiting to finish my current bottle.

Thanks for the help!!