I'm a newbie with 3a hair. My apologies if I get some of the terminology wrong, I only discovered this site a few days ago and decided to try the no poo method starting yesterday.

Prior to finding this website, I would wash my hair once a fortnight as per a recommendation from my hairdresser a few years ago on my extremely dry hair. Now that I've seen that it's the sulfate in shampoo that damages hair I'm guessing I can co wash every few days as other people on this site seem to do - is that correct? My hair never gets greasy so I've never been bothered by leaving it a while between washes.

My next question is on brushing. I used to wet my hair everyday with a spray and comb it, then wet it some more and add hair serum. After co washing yesterday, I put my hair in a pineapple last night then took it out and just sprayed with a little water and added some serum. Am I right in thinking that I don't comb my hair again until my next co wash?

My next question is on products. I live in the UK and I notice that a lot of the products mentioned on this site seem to be American (judging by the dollar signs!). Does anyone know of any good products for 3a hair in the UK?

Finally, here are some pics of my hair at the mo. I'm in the process of growing it out from having a short pixie cut. The first two are from yesterday after I co washed it, the next two are from earlier today after taking it out of pineapple and adding water and serum and the last one is how it is now. Does anyone have any suggestions on techniques or products they think I should try?


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