What you're describing fits me too. Seems all I practically have to do is think about ringlets or clumping and it happens LOL. Raking definitely encourages extreme clumping for me! It basically just encourages larger sections of hair to stick together. Instead you might want to use a comb or Denman brush - something with plenty of teeth or bristles that are close together IMO.

Also, I agree about using a less heavy gel, or less gel. Also, using product with less "slip" may help too. Anything w/slip makes me clump like crazy. Things containing pectin and marshmallow root seem to create super-clumps for me also (KCCC makes my hair look like waves of taffy intermingled with telephone cord-like curls). ... Anything that is meant to "set" the hair in place makes it wind into each other a lot unless I use it in moderation. But it's actually a look I don't mind and I just pull some of the curls apart later.
Originally Posted by Korkscrew
Surprisingly, I found that using a denman brush gave me the opposite result. I ended up with much thicker clumps than when I didn't use it. A regular wide tooth comb seemed to work better for me.

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