OP, your hair is beautiful. Since you have such a loose wave/curl pattern I would definitely forgo a relaxer.

I am 3c mostly and I love QOD Organiq. Before you use keratin treatments I think you should try some of the keratin styling creams like Coppola Keratin Infusion or Keratin Express Daily Keratin.

I've heard that Design Essentials has a system that is not as harsh as a keratin treatment but it allows you to go between your natural texture and straight hair without altering your curl pattern.

Here's a video:Videos | Design Essentials
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Hi Cupcake,

Im also a 3c. Im just wondering if qod organique loosened up your curls or not? I want to loosen up my 3c/3b to 3a/2c but I dont want it to be permanent I just want a bit of a change...is qod organque worth it or should I try kerapremium?