I have 2b (Caucasian)...long swavy hair..I just bought at Walgreens:
Curling Souffle gel and Curl and style milk ( both the pink line)

Omg!!! They smell sooooo good!
I actually used the conditioner as body lotion. Lol...anyways....
. Co-washed with suave naturals, conditioned with the Curl and style milk...let sit for several minutes, rinsed out completely....on soaking wet hair (that always works best for me) raked product through hair...SCRUNCHED!!! Plopped for 5 mins. Diffused. Took a little longer to dry. Very curly, crunchy....scrunched out the crunch...very pretty. Its almost 1pm and i notice its not as full. Still shiny but looks like maybe weighed down...not really sure yet. Its only day one....
I think i might purchase the Hair thickening milk now, that was suggested above. Walgreens had a sale right now. Buy one, get one 50%. The stores have limited selection, but the website Carries Alot, and you only need to order $25 for free shipping...plus they take returns in the store...Target DOESN'T!!

next morning: I pineappled night before, in the morning spritzed my hair with water til damp, then added some of the Curl and Style milk...scrunched....diffused.
Omg! It's the first time ever, I got Fabulously awesome 2nd day hair!!!!!
I'm so exited and hope it's not a fluke.
Super curly and full! I have 2b hair.
I've Never had good 2nd day hair.....

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