Second time I've gotten asked if I actually like my hair!

The first time the woman complimented my hair and then after I said "thanks" she said "as long as you like it that's all that matters". I was slightly confused because it sounded as if she thought I didn't like my hair. I thought maybe it was my tone when I said "thanks" so I brushed it off.

Then today at the farmers market these two women selling EOs kept looking at me and I heard them say "she has a pretty face" - I hate that comment by the way, like what the heck does that mean? So one finally says "I love your hair" so I smile and say "thanks" and she's like "well do you love your hair?" and I'm like "yes, I do love it". She's like "really?!?? you love your hair??". Uh "yes". "Oh wow I don't think many people like their curly hair". So I finally tell her I embraced it two years ago after chemical straightening and she tells me she used to get a relaxer and fell in like with her hair for like 2 months then got sick of it again.

Don't project your curl-loathing onto me! I like my hair!! Yes I like it, do I need a t-shirt that says so?? I mean, does it look so bad (to you) that I shouldn't like it!??? She was sincere, but I think it's off to assume that someone doesn't like their features.

Then later, a group of teenagers in Target. They're walking along giggling like teeny-boppers do and one says "She has big hair hehehe".

She was being observant rotfl!

Well I did get hit on a few times today so my big curly hair must not look too bad.