So, I always read more questions than solutions on this site. Lots of times when I read a post with a question, most of the responses are people agreeing for the question and mimicking their cry for help. Because of this, I decided to share my routine with you all. It works perfectly for me, and I assume it will not work the same for everyone. Also, it's not very unique, but it's not overly common either. I don't really like to post stuff for the most part, just scavenge through other posts in search of finding my answers, but I feel that if I post this, than I have covered everything I need to stay, ceasing my need to post in the future.

To start off, I'm going to tell you guys about my hair so that you have a reference point for comparison. I realize that many people that read this won't have similar hair, but feel free to read anyway if you're curious. My hair is semi short to medium length, it's slightly beyond my shoulders. I recently had 4 inches cut off. It's immensely thick. It doesn't really fit into a curl type category. It has the behaviors of a 3A type, but sometimes curls into more of a 2C shape, anyway, I could care less what it's classified as because to me it's hair. Hair is hair, but maybe you have more of an idea now on what I'm dealing with.

This routine does include deva products, and I realize most people will stop reading here because of the massive dislike toward them I have read on this site. I tried them out of general curiosity. Not everything is deva, and I'm sure none of it needs to be.

I also shower at night for the most part, but it does work for morning showers as well.

So here it is.

I take my shower between 5-7 nightly in hopes that my hair will be mostly dry by bed time.
First thing I do when in the shower is soak my hair, I then condition with garnier fuctis pure clean conditioner. This is when I finger detangle. I leave it in for a couple minutes than rinse.
Next I use no poo. I love the no poo, and no co-wash or other conditioning cleanser has made my hair feel as soft and clean as this has. Anyway..
After rinsing, I use one condition. I use it because I have it, but it doesn't tend to moisturize my hair as much as I need. Any suggestions on a conditioner are welcome. I leave the conditioner in as I do my other showerly stuff such as washing and shaving. Then I rinse. No need to detangle because I already did! Because I'm physically incapable of not rinsing it all of the way out, I take 2 (I have a lot of hair) pumps and run it through my hair and leave it in.

I realize this method is not new.

Next, while still in the shower, I use macademia natural oil reviving curl cream. I have a lot of hair, like I have said 8 trillion times, so I get a good palm-full. Then I run it through my hair. At this point my hair is very squishy.
I start the scrunching process here. At this point, my hair is all clumped together in one big clump, if that makes sense. I scrunch it lightly with the clump still in tact. I do NOT break up the clump yet because when I add gel, it does so on it's own.
Next I get out of the shower and I flip my hair upside down over the tub. My hair starts to naturally separate. I use LA looks nutra curl gel. I'm in love with this gel, and it's only like 3 bucks. It smells amazing too, which is a plus. I use A TON of gel, because I sleep on my hair before I ever wear it. When I scrunch I turn my hair to the left and I turn my head to the right while still upside down. This is very efficient for product distribution. It is also helpful because you can scrunch way closer to your head!
Next, I plop. I have said before that plopping is not for me, but I am eating my words now because that is a polar opposite from the truth. I gave it another chance and it has turned into a savior. Most people plop anywhere from 5 minutes to 45. I do it longer. I leave it in at least an hour. When I take it out, I let the rest air dry. It is extremely crunchy at this point. Because I sleep on it, the crunch is good.
My hair is usually at least mostly dry by the time I go to bed. I pineapple with a scrunchy. In the morning, most of the crunch as been removed from moving while sleeping and rubbing on my pillow and stuff.
When I take it out, I spritz it with water, and add a tad more gel and scrunch the ends or wherever needs extra revival. On my way to school or work, depending on the morning, it dries. When I arrive at my destination, I unscrunch the crunch and have soft, bouncy curls.

That is the end. Most people probably won't read all of this, but that's okay. Now that I've at least made it possible for people to read, I feel better.

I haven't taken any pictures because pictures are difficult, but if people insist, I'm sure I can work something out.

sorry about the novel above!