After reading through the Amazon reviews I decided to buy the giant bottle of Kerapremium.

One fine haired member wrote that she was instructed to use less than 300 degrees during the flatiron process and it seems she is happy with the results.

So I'm going to give it a whirl.

Apparently, washing the product out earlier is recommended too.

Will post results.
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Hi im just wndering if you have tried the treatment yet? Im interested in it aswell...did you get the results you wanted?
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If you decide to go for the Kerapremium, I'm trying to find someone to split a large bottle. Let me know if you're interested. Read my post above, too, if you have questions about it. I used QOD original Max for nearly a year with no problems before I switched to Gold.

I haven't experienced any difference in results with early wash-out of the keratin.
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