I am not so concerned with the formaldehyde so I am willing to use treatments with formaldehyde.

I would rather have my hair turn out straight but I guess it would be OK if it was a bit wavy (1c-2a). Most importanly, I do want to keep the frizz at bay. My hair gets VERY frizzy when it's humid/rainy. Even if I have lots of gel in my hair, it still puffs up and frizzes.

I was browsing the keratin4u website and looked at the keratin treatments. If I want a strong treatment then I guess I will go with the QOD Kerapremium.

With the 33 oz bottle, and considering my hair is thick and is bra length, approximately how many FULL head applications will I have?
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That bottle should last you 18 months or more...I can't answer for sure because I haven't done full-head applications for so long. My 33 oz bottle of Gold lasted for nearly 3 years, with me doing primarily root applications every 5-8 weeks. I have dense, waist-length hair, but it's baby fine, so it doesn't appear to be as thick as yours. You shouldn't need to keep re-doing your hair over and over after a point...you should be able to get by with root applications. I did 4 back-to-back full-head applications in the beginning to get my curl pattern where I wanted it.

I think Kerapremium would be your best bet. Organiq Gold did almost nothing for my hair except make it soft, which is an unwanted side effect of BKT for fine hair. I was disappointed, and I was stuck with a 33 oz bottle until I was able to sell it.

If you'd be interested in splitting the bottle of Kerapremium, let me know.
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