Some lowlife thought it would be a hoot to knock over our letterbox last night. Sandstone - smashed to pieces on the driveway. Apparently they did it to a neighbour too, same sort of letterbox, all the little cheap tin ones were left alone (not that that would have made sense but at least they're cheaper to replace). SO said the dog was barking but he didn't get up to see what he was barking at, I never heard a thing which is odd as he sleeps in the bedroom with us and has a very loud bark.
Why does anyone think this is a funny/clever/cool thing to do? Pigs.
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drunk people or teenagers, they think stupid things are funny.
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We've been victim to this same stupidity. It was years ago, and not a super expensive mailbox, but we had to replace it with the exact same box, per home owner's association rules, probably costing double what it might have. Just a pain the ###, all for the thrill of some teenage cretin. We heard it happen, but of course, they were gone by the time we ran outside.
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