Hi all! =]

So I have 2C hair and have decided that I want to go short... as in REALLY short, like a pixie cut (if I'm able)! X]

I'm not really into styling my hair or playing with it, but I think that if I had it short that I'd probably be more willing to experiment and enjoy it! =]
Today I also asked for people's opinions about this on yahoo!answers, but I only just found this website so I thought maybe people here would have better advice... anyway, I go into detail on y!a about my lifestyle, etc, so here's the link so that I don't take up too much space here repeating all of the same old info, lol! =]
How should I cut my hair? - Yahoo!7 Answers

What do you guys think of these styles? Do you think they'd work?... I *REALLY HATE* my curly hair(! ) as I find it really hard to style and care for, considering that at most I only like to take 5-10 mins (15 at most!) doing my hair before I go out.

Please feel free to add any advice or suggestions as to how I can better maintain or style/cut my hair differently, without all of the extra effort! =]

P.S - I would also rather have the hairdresser have it styled/cut as straight as possible, but I have NO IDEA if this will work...?