Maybe your hair need an extra wash per week?
At least I would use a lighter conditioner (without oils in it) and scrub gently the scalp with fingerpads for a few minutes.
You can use an heavier conditioner (the one with argan and olive oil you own) for detangling.

In the past i began the CG method doing CW once a week but the hair was too greasy to be cleaned with condish only.
So i'd suggest to do a low poo wash to remove build up caused by the Cws and then enhance the CW frequency
Curl Pattern: 2c-3a
Porosity: medium
Density: thin
Width: fine
Lenght: short (jaw-lenght)
2013 haircut: 1/25/2013; 07/04/2013

Routine: modified CG
CW: cone free and protein free conditioners
DT: homemade sheabutter hair creme /Hydraderm sheabutter hair mask+coconut oil+lecitin
Styling before diffusing FSG with hydrolized keratin
Once a month (or every 2 months): henna