Yes, I'd like to hear how things are going too!

A few words about us: my older DS is 6 and in kindergarten. He's advanced in terms of reading, writing, math, etc, but he has struggled since he started kindergarten with the routines and behavior expectations.

He has trouble managing his folders, backpack, etc. at school. We recently met with the teacher and talked about some ways to support him. We're going to focus on one routine when he has trouble, the end of the day, and he'll have his tasks to do--put papers in folder, put folder and lunch box in backpack, get coat, line up. If he accomplishes everything, he gets a sticker on a chart. His teacher said she can't give us a daily note or email, but she will on a weekly basis.

DS also has very low frustration threshold and he is a perfectionist, meaning he gets upset if he can't do something perfectly (e.g. writing, cutting, drawing, etc) he overreacts and gets mad or sad. We're trying to figure out how to help him deal with frustration without having a meltdown. He has been evaluated for developmental and behavioral disorders at school and in a private clinic, and the only area of concern is speech and language. He does have speech/language therapy twice a week. I think this is just his temperament, and he (and we!) will have to learn how to react in appropriate ways.
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This is my kid all over and over, especially the frustration & meltdowns. He has been diagnosed with ADHD but is not on an ADHD med, although we did consider it. He is on a very low dose of abilify, 2mg. He is very skinny so doesn't need anything stronger & I don't think I'd increase it, not at this point. It has taken the edge off his extreme emotional reactions & his behavior in school this year is vastly improved. He still seems to struggle with low self esteem & will often make comments that he's a "bad kid" & i don't know where that comes from, as I've never given him a reason to think that. He has an appt with an independent counselor this Friday, I'm hoping she can give us some insight into those thought processes. He much prefers to disappear into movies or video games, despite the fact that he's a strong reader & artist. When he does draw or paint, he tends to draw kids that are sad or mad.

Academically he is smart, when we can get him to focus on it & not be overly critical of himself. He does not handle pressure or timed exams well at all. Lately he has absolutely bounced off the walls at home. Some of his attributes (being sensitive & easily upset) we are trying to accept as just his personality, but I am glad he is seeing someone this week, just so we have another professional opinion.
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