I'm also from a very small rural town, but there's hardly anything left. Walmart drove every and I mean EVERYTHING out. I hardly recognize my hometown anymore.

The only places I can think of are Kings Shoe Shop and The Good Earth Peanut Company. Kings was a fully-functioning shoe repair shop with an ancient cash register, a wood stove, and fascinating machinery and tools.

They've always sold secondhand shoes, I believe. And they have a lady's old buttoned shoe from the 1800s-early 1900s suspended from a string amongst the shelves. It still looks in great shape. It's very strange to see that shop still there, with every single shop around it--the entire street on both sides--boarded up and deserted. I go there just to see SOMEPLACE that still looks exactly as it did when I was little. I still buy shoes from there too; they always have the Duck Boots at better prices.

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