Thank you Dusalocks, my hair was above my ears about 10 years ago and from what I can remember is was very wavy and I used mouse to style it. I do have some ringlets on the underside of my hair near my neck. My hair has had alot of color damage so I hope to gain more curl as the damage grows out. I use LA LOOKS sport and it works really nice. I also have 3 full bottles of Alluring Curls by Nexxus got it on sale and used it one crunchy hair and am a little afraid to uae it again but I will just not so much this time. I have not noticed dry hair with ACV but I keep hearing that so will def. keep my eye out for any signs. I used a K pack on my hair 2 nights ago and my hair feels AMAZING!=]
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Yes, what is it with the back of the neck? I've got 3b curls there and I'm all "hey y'all! Why do you guys like hiding back here?"

I think you will regain more curl once the damage grows out. Also if you color damaged your hair to lighten it (peroxide), you blew holes through the hair shaft so that means you need to try protein treatments to help repair it. That sounds bad but it's perfectly normal. If you want to lighten your hair you can, but you have to be sure to restore the protein afterwards. Sounds like you're already doing exactly what you need to with the K-Pak. It'll get healthier and healthier with CG just in general so no worries.

So Nexxus Alluring Curls:

Nexxus Alluring Curls Curl Enhancing Styling Elixir -

There are water soluble silicones so that's okay. It doesn't say sulfate free but I don't see any sulfates from a glance. I do see a lot of ingredients though including polyquats which some people say cause buildup. However my hair is porous and I'm able to use polyquats without buildup, I think. You'll probably be able to too.

I've had my hair above my ears and around there too and it was curlier, not wavier. But some people it gets curlier the longer it gets because then the hair has more movement and it's easier to wind around itself, forming curls. I think that might be you and they're going to start appearing soon. Just keep your hair well hydrated. And then post pics to show us your progress!
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