Though, I am approaching 30 at the end of this year, I want to share that I relate to the uh-oh, and I want to thank you for sharing this. I had a similair moment after having my son 3 years ago, and it took awhile to mourn the loss of my pre-baby body and lifestyle. It did help me to change my inner monologue from "I need to be back to a size 12" to "I'm fine as hell as a size 16!". It also helped to look to the future saying I will miss my size 16 body when my boobs hit the floor later in life. Then, when my boobs hit the floor later in life, I will say, I will miss my saggy boobs when I need to replace my hips later in life. Funny thing is, looking back, at my "on the verge of plus sized" pre-baby body, I say "damn! I should've worn more bikinis!" and guess what? BOOM! I wiggled this size 16 body into an itty bitty bikini on my trip to the Keys last summer and I-felt-GREAT! I have to remind myself, as I continue to age, I need to "dance in the rain" and wear that bikini whenever I darn well please

Again, thank you.
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