skorpio, if you ever find anyone who can help you out in the haircut department, I do think layers might help with the clumping. When hair is all one length, it tends to stick together and wind around itself more, forming larger clumps. When you have different lengths it's more piecey and you have more individual clumps and volume. It might not be the products or the method so much, but that your hair just needs shaping.
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See now the answer too clumping is beginning to look somewhat subjective lol. Layers don't seem to affect clumping for me anymore than when my hair was all one length.
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It definitely is subjective, but I've noticed I have thinner (less chunky) clumps towards the bottom since my haircut and getting more layers put in. Since my hair is tapered, it has a better shape and body around the face. I suspect it doesn't make much of a difference for you because you have a tighter curl pattern. I'm so jealous!
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