Wow. How long of a flight is it between GB and Aus? Do you fly over Asia or the Americas?
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Ed will go via Singapore. It's about 22 hours not including stops at airports. That's the short route. It's about 28 hours via the US.
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Long flight! Do they let him out at all? Will you be on a separate flight?
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No but he will have a pretty big transport crate. They're bigger than standard cat carriers. I'd like to be on the same flight but it depends what the transport company puts him on. I could book his ticket first and then try to book myself on the same flight. I won't be allowed to see him at the other end for a few days either, and after that only twice a week for his quarantine period. I feel so mean planning this. Actually going through with it is going to be heartbreaking for both of us.
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