Thanks, Dusa, I think you pretty much said it. Amaya, there are some painful lessons here: 1. people often make claims which their behavior does not match, in both personal AND professsional contexts 2. If something bad happens when you are in someone's else's chair, tell them to STOP. Ask to see the manager. ( I think you did that). If you are not satisfied by what you hear, leave. Walk out. They wont like that? too bad. YOU didnt like how they mishandled you. 3. If you get a bad cut or color from a stylist, dont go back to that person to "fix" it, unless you have a long relationship with the stylist and for some reason she may have had an "off" day. 4. People who make the big bucks are less likely to hear you , because they dont need your money and they dont need your approval. Find a stylist who is willing to work with you. I personally would not have paid that bill. I would have said: I am appalled at the way my hair looks; you damaged it, and I asked you NOT to, so I dont see why I should fork over $200 for a messed up job. I think the hardest lesson is that we gals need to learn how to NOT BE NICE; we need to learn how to play hardball, and let others know we mean business. And I would have told them, if you are going to fuss about me not paying you $200, I will plaster my dissatisfaction all over my social media. Which is what you did. Anyhow, you had beautiful hair without it being lavender and magenta, and it will grow back and be beautiful again. I agree with Dusa. Get the blue cut off, and see if it can be restored to its natural shade.