The vet said she'd adjust, but it's her personality which seems most altered. She's much more insecure than she was, and fearful of the other dogs. I know there's all that revolting "thinning out the pack" pyschology, but so help me, if anyone tries anything ugly, they're going to get it (which from me means a hell of a scolding, a time out, and NO PETTING or sleeping in bed, for days!).

I want to pamper her while she heals, but I want her to buck up, too. At the moment, I'm not even sure she'd try to steal butter off the counter, one of her all time favorite acts of mischief and gluttony.
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They'll all adjust faster than you realize. She just had major surgery and her body feels different and her balance is off. That will make her act insecure until she gets sure footing. She probably smells different because of the scents and odors she was expose to at the Vet's. She'll be up and running in no time and they'll be best buds again. Pamper her and love her but you also have to let her stretch out and test her new - don't want to say limitations - body changes.
Just keep an eye on them and follow their body signals.