It definitely is subjective, but I've noticed I have thinner (less chunky) clumps towards the bottom since my haircut and getting more layers put in. Since my hair is tapered, it has a better shape and body around the face.
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Sounds like layers REALLY work for you. And I agree w/something you just said in another post: a good cut really is that important.

Yeah, you could be right about my tighter curls. They just want to wind around each other like taffy it's crazy. The longest parts are wavy rather than curly though. Go figure. That's why I no longer keep it uniformly long. I want maximum curl and body. ...

I suspect it doesn't make much of a difference for you because you have a tighter curl pattern. I'm so jealous!
Aaaaaaaw Your hair is beautiful just the way it is There are plenty of ppl who lust for hair that's less curly and more like yours. I just love curly hair, period LOL

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