Having a rough day here, too! Middle back is tight, my head is aching, and my left arm feels like I pulled a muscle from increasing my weights for PT on Tuesday. On the upside, I found magnesium maleate at the vitamin shoppe yesterday; looking forward to possible positive impact on muscle pain. For those who take it-how many milligrams do you take each day?
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You want to start very slowly! Magnesium is a natural laxative so if you take too much, your bowels can't handle it. Start with 1 tablet morning and night.. see how it goes for a few days. Then increase by 1 tablet. I take over 1000mg a day and use magnesium oil. Adding a transdermal magnesium is the best way to quickly reduce your magnesium deficient... so using oral and transdermal. I spray it on my skin and do foot soaks.