Hi! I have a question about the mag malate dosing...I found some at the vitamin shoppe. The front of the bottle said 1250 mg, on the back nutritional info panel it said a "serving" was 425 mg, which is 3 tablets. So what does the 1250 even mean? At that dosage, should I start out taking 2 tabs a.m. and p.m. for a total of about 568 mg, or less than that?

Thanks so much!!
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I use Source Naturals mag malate 1250mg. I have no idea what the 1250mg means... has nothing to do with the amount of elemental magnesium or the amount of malic acid. I keep meaning to email them and ask.
I would not start out that quickly. I would start with 1 tablet morning and night. If your stomach and bowels are tough, then maybe 1 in the morning, 2 at night for 425mg a day.
My doctor had me start at 400mg twice a day and it KILLED my stomach.... omg the pain and vomiting.
How fast your work up depends on your gut. I didn't notice any significant improvement until I was at 600mg for a couple weeks. Adding a magnesium oil (made from magnesium chloride flakes) and using it several times a week will go a long ways in improving your magnesium deficiency.