I started taking magnesium about a year ago for really bad leg cramps I was getting and the change I saw was amazing, it really helped! It was just the cheap stuff, whatever was on sale at the drugstore or I could get at Costco so I'd be interested to see what magnesium malate could do for me. I'd love to find something that is one pill a day though because they tend to be big and I have issues with swallowing large pills. I can get the first one down, but if I have to do more than one it gets tough. I know it's all in my head and I'm trying overcome it, but still have problems with it.
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You can use the capsules instead or there's a powder form. Magnesium is best absorbed taken at least twice a day... you will not get the same benefits just from taking it once a day and you're bowels won't likely be happy. But by adding magnesium oil, you can reduce the amount of oral mag you need to swallow. I've added foot soaks to increase my magnesium intake. Super easy.

the best price for ribose is at Puritan's Pride when on sale. Buy 2 get 3 free... you get 5 tubs at 250 grams each for 100$ 20$ each. They occasionally have buy 2 get 4 free which takes it to 17$. Shop thru extrabux and earn money back (12% last time I purchased so it really saves money)