And a nasty bigot. Was she really that funny, though? I never watched anything she was on.
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I didn't mean she was actually funny in a comedian way. It was more of a laugh at funny. But after I said that I realized her and kim k are no different, they have so much in common...........They both ugly cry like crazy! ......see you thought I was going to say something different.
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Plus, you do know that Paris Hilton is the reason Kim Kardashian became a thing, right? Kim hung around with Paris and people noticed her curvaceousness in contrast with Paris's more ruler-like shape and a "star" was born.
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Yes, I actually did know that. I've seen all of PH's show, tabloid scandals, Paris Hilton, A History (It's a book I wrote, check it out kiddos at the library). It was a joke. I wasn't serious. I just don't like the kardashions at all, that was the point of my post, not to actually have Paris Hilton rise from whatever she's doing to come out onto television again. She actually was on a European reality show recently, if anyone cares on where is kat stacks, where is paris hilton (2 CHAINZ LYRICS, ANYONE?? AAHAHHAHAH)

Why is it that I always only have one yoga toe? The other one always goes missing it never fails!