I bought this a week ago and finally used it today. I got the Medium Brown shade. I have to say that I will never use this hair color again! My hair feels so dry right now that it is driving me crazy! In addition, it did not fully cover my grays.

The good:
It had a pleasant scent.
It went on effortlessly and I seemed to get really good coverage.
It didn't drip at all even though it seemed like it would with its thin consistency.
The color is nice. I went from a medium golden brown to a medium brown.

The bad:
Dry Dry Dry Dry hair! I didn't expect this since it is supposed to be oil based. It didn't feel bad going in but as soon as I tried to rinse it out it was a dry tangled mess no matter how much conditioner I used.
It did not completely cover my grays.

I have been coloring my hair for over 10 years and have tried pretty much everything out there. This one has to be the worst! So far my favorite is Revlon Color Silk.
CO Wash: VO5 Clarifying Conditioners
Conditioner: Curly Kinks Deep Conditioner and Leave-In
Styling: Still searching but currently using HESMU

2A, Medium Texture, Normal Porosity