Hello to all this is my first post!
I used to use giovanni's but personally i did not think it did that much for my hair. i have been really loving the curl junkie rehab lately. it makes your hair soft and managable. Also try introducing protein into your hair routine about 1 a month (or more if your hair likes it) Also my favorite cheap condish is Desert Essence Coconut conditioner! It has amazing slip and can be used as dc or leave in!

Co-wash: Oyin Honey Hemp, Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner, Tea Tree Tingle Trader Joes Conditioner
Condish: Curl Junkie Rehab, Camille Rose Moisture Max
Protein: AOGPB, Curl Junkie Repair Me and strengthening condish
Stylers: KMF upper managment gel, Kccc, curl junkie pattern pusha
Testing: Curl Junkie Curl Queen!
2nd-day refresher: Use an oil to fluff 2nd day hair . 3rd day : Blend a cowash conditioner, water with avacado oil! Seal with camille rose curl aid moisture butter! super soft hair!