curlsnswirls: I'm wondering if you still use the Truepolaris FSG or just the BB? I've been considering BB' s FSG or Mudd for awhile, but the Truepolaris curly gel looks intriguing. Do you use the custom version of either? If so, what do you add?

We aren't perfect hair twins, but we do have similar properties; mine is fine, normal to low porosity, normal elasticity. I live in rainy Washington State so our climate is different. I also have to be very careful with protein and I have to avoid glycerin completely. I have had the most success with Jessicurl Too Shea (RO/LI) and Weekly Deep treatment (RO), but most of her styling products have glycerin so I can't use them. I really like the JC Confident coils( JCCC), but I get white flakes by the end of the day. That's why I thought I might like the Truepolaris, since it has Mag Sulfate in it like the JCCC. My hair seems to really like it. My favorite gels are Uncle Funky' s Daughter Curly Magic ( UFDCM) and CJ Pattern Pusha (CJPP), but UFDCM is very expensive with shipping (you get a nice large bottle though) and CJPP gives me inconsistent results. I hope you don't mind if I "stalk" you a little bit.
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I forgot to mention, I LOVE tresseme naturals moisturizing conditioner. I use it as a rinse out mainly but also as a co-wash and a leave in. Still loving my TruePolaris FSG and BB's FSG and mudd. TruePoaris I get her regular formula...BB's I prefer the "foolproof" version. HTH.
I'm also liking UFDCM and Curl Queen. Another favorite is KCCC. I've only tried CJPP once or twice, so nt sure about that. AOMM is good as well.