I saw someone mention on here awhile ago that Herbal Essences was re-releasing their old scents and packaging sans silicone and sulfates, and I actually saw some of them at my Target. The conditioner had a special "0% sulfates" tag on it and the shampoo had a "0% silicone" tag. I found that odd, considering you wouldn't be worrying about a conditioner having sulfates, so I checked the ingredients and saw just from a quick glance the conditioner had a -xane toward the top and the shampoo had SLS. I didn't keep reading to see how many more were in there. Careful, curlies - these Herbal Essences reformulations aren't good for CGers.

So shady using the silicone/sulfate-free buzz words and selling sulfate shampoos with no silicone and silicone conditioners with no sulfates. SMH, Herbal Essences. SMH.

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