I'm currently using deva angell but I'm finding it less useful these days. I have fine, thin hair that easily weighted down and my hair really has a hard time with oils - just too heavy most of the time.
I'm looking for a gel that has light hold that will enhance curl formation.... Any suggestions?
Doesn't have to be a gel either..... I have used creams before but have not found one my hair likes. B&B was ok
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after scouring product reviews for days, i'm super excited to order SSCEJ when i get paid this week & give that a whirl under gel! i also just ordered Abba Pure Finish & Giovanni Magnetic gels to try. if those gels don't work out, i guess the next step is to try (the far less expensive options) Eco Styler and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel.
2B/3A: fine, dry hair that "wilts"
but seems to love protein!!

Blended Cutie Silky Swirls Shampoo, Eden BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner, Giovanni Nutrafix, Nutress Protein Pack (PT), Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Leave-In Sun Spray, Nutress Stop Break (LI), SSCEJ, Giovanni Magnetic Gel (styling), Turbie Twist (for plopping)