Ok, so I am brand new at all of this! I've found that I have a mixture of 2 hair, 2b on bottom and on good days 3a on top, normal/low porosity, fine and minimal amounts of actual hair. I've got a very odd mix of incredibly dry hair and oily scalp. I feel like I'm not the typical 2c hair and all of the curltalk forums say different things.

My goal for my hair:
1. Grow out to mid back (its at my shoulders now)
2. Make all of my curls uniform, I've got a mix of semi wavy to really nice curls on top
3. I need to find my second day hair routine!!!! I have no idea where to start (ps I have no idea what all of those acronyms stand for ex:kcccc, ccccl???)
4. I want it natural! I don't want crunchy curls or wet looking dry curls. I don't typically use a diffuser (don't have one) and so far air drying has helped

My routine: I rub a dime size amount of olive oil to my hair and set 20 minutes if I have time. Then shower with organix Moroccan argan oil shampoo and then conditioner with organix coconut oil conditioner, set for 3 minutes then wash out. Step out of shower and soak up the dripping water with a t-shirt and apply Jessicurl deep conditioning treatment (I don't wash this out, my hair needs all the moisture and It looks great when I let it dry) AND Jessicurl confident curls (the only way this works is if I have sopping wet hair. also I'm afraid to apply then sop it up with the t-shirt and loose some product in my hair). I have bangs and straighten them because I'd look ridiculous if I didn't, but I'm trying to grow those out as well.

p.s's I can't remember the last time my hair wasn't frizzy, I've tried gleau oil and it makes me greasy. I've also tried the almond butter but it doean't really fix the frizz.

If you have the same hair or just have knowledge of what works with this kind of hair PLEASE HELP ME. I'm a fish out water right now and any tips or tricks will help.