WRT afros, I thought I’d post this here since it is kind of related and I think it is interesting…….I was doing some general research on curly hair because I was looking for a missing hair property – I think we are missing one but obviously that is J my quirky O.

While I was reading, I found a theory on the adaptive development of afro textured hair. The theory goes that the afro is adapted to 1) block out the sun from hitting the scalp while 2) allowing for evaporation of sweat – the turns and twists of the hair, which also cause it to grow out, leave the hair very airy, so it allows for evaporation. But the twists also create a dense canopy and are effective at protecting the scalp. IOW, a natural “sun block air conditioning system”. Straight hair keeps the sweat on scalp if it is thick, and, if it is thin, would allow the elements to hit the skin of the scalp.

Anyway, I thought that was cool, and I thought it brought some meaning to hair beyond aesthetics, and shows it can have adaptive survival advantages.

I had noticed prior to my reading that I was cooler with my hair curly than straight on hot summer days. I thought that was strange in a way, but now it makes sense. I get more circulation through the curls.
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