I want to visit Half Moon Bay just because the name calls to me, I like it. Mr. Spring and I really need to drive down there some time before we move and explore.

Our little town and a small one next to it have some neat shops, a lot of which we haven't even explored yet. My favorite is the cupcake place, of course. Home - Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar It's nice to pick up a small treat and not have a whole cake be involved.

Our locally owned grocery store is a lot of fun to shop in. They carry a lot of locally sourced products and overall have a great selection of things. Oliver's Markets

Byron,GA> Charleston, SC> Jacksonville, FL> Guilford, CT> Rohnert Park, CA! A southern drawl in sunny Cali! .
The amount of time from slipping on the peel and landing on the pavement is exactly one bananosecond.
I do have a secret yen for pink in unexpected places. ~ninja dog
I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.